Why this blog

For years, I have had so many ideas that have just floated away.  Now that I’m over 60, they float away faster than ever before.  I intend to use this blog to try to archive some of these ideas before they are washed away.  I also discovered something cool with my first post.  When I collected those links and posted them, WordPress gave me many more interesting related links.  Gotta love search engines and people like Dave Marvit for developing them.


Standardized testing

Thanks to two of my graduate students, I have been thinking about standardized testing and what we, as educators, parents, students, can do about loosening the stranglehold it has on us.  Below are links to folks who are thinking about how to go about such an endeavor.  We are considering the implications of this information for New Mexico.  We would love to hear from people who are organizing in different states and what our New Mexico Communities think about trying to start an Opt Out movement here.

Information about the National Opting Out Movement from Fairtest.org


Facebook Page for Opt of the State Test


Susan Ohanian’s website


Alfie Kohn on standards and testing


Interviews with Diane Ravitch on Standardized Testing