Standardized testing

Thanks to two of my graduate students, I have been thinking about standardized testing and what we, as educators, parents, students, can do about loosening the stranglehold it has on us.  Below are links to folks who are thinking about how to go about such an endeavor.  We are considering the implications of this information for New Mexico.  We would love to hear from people who are organizing in different states and what our New Mexico Communities think about trying to start an Opt Out movement here.

Information about the National Opting Out Movement from

Facebook Page for Opt of the State Test

Susan Ohanian’s website

Alfie Kohn on standards and testing

Interviews with Diane Ravitch on Standardized Testing


2 thoughts on “Standardized testing

  1. Stepheny says:

    I’m a little confused. I read through a couple of the websites you’ve posted, and especially after the first one – is standardized testing something kids can opt out of? Or is “opting out” an initiative right now that has not yet passed? This makes me wonder about the SAT and ACT scores that most colleges require for admittance. If the SAT and ACT were no longer required, how would colleges judge for admitting. Solely based on GPA? Thank you for this post Penny.

    • pennypence says:

      Yes, parents can opt their child out of standardized testing. School districts pretty much keep this a secret.

      Some major universities do not use the SAT or the ACT; however, it is still a requirement to enter most colleges. However, test scores are usually only one of the requirements for admission.

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